Better fitness in shorter time.

Kickstart your fitness journey with an efficient, full-body workout designed to enhance your strength and mobility—becoming the best version of yourself.

Electrify your workout with electro muscle stimulation

Don’t wait for results – start your EMS training journey now

Myocyte USA started with a vision to bring the benefits of Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to Milwaukee and Brookfield, offering a time-efficient and highly effective fitness solution.

entire muscular skeletal system
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individual muscle fibers & deep tissue
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Harness the power of EMS & reclaim hours in your week

Maximize results with personal training

Our EMS personal training program is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals faster and more effectively, utilizing cutting-edge technology to target and activate your muscles for a highly efficient workout.

Improving your workout potential

Experience a holistic workout with Electro Muscle Stimulation, activating around 90% of your musculoskeletal system and effectively reaching up to 92% of individual muscle fibers in deep tissues.

Achieve more in less time

Reclaim your time by utilizing our EMS system and equipment. Rather than dedicating 3 hours per week to the gym, our certified personal trainers can guide you to your desired results in just approximately 20 minutes per week.

Accelerating your fitness journey

Expect your personal trainer to consistently challenge you, driving you towards your goals at an accelerated pace. Through tailored individual training and unwavering personal support, we'll lead you toward a healthier, stronger lifestyle.

Experience life changing fitness

Ready to supercharge your workout?

Take the first step towards a stronger you. Reserve your EMS training slot today!

Your first session is on us — 100% risk free.

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