About Myocyte

Myocyte USA was born from a deep passion for fitness and a desire to revolutionize the way people achieve their health goals. We started with a vision to bring the benefits of Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to Milwaukee and Brookfield, offering a time-efficient and highly effective fitness solution.

Join the only electro muscle stimulation fitness studio in Wisconsin

Myocyte is conveniently located in Brookfield and Milwaukee.

Our team is passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals in less time, prioritizing long term health.

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We’re ready to help transform how you approach your fitness goals.

Jonas Rolf

President | Certified EMS Trainer

Born in Germany, Jonas obtained a bachelor's degree in fitness economics and brings background knowledge of the EMS industry in Germany.

With over 4 years of experience and more than 4000 given trainings he is considered one of the most experienced EMS trainers in Germany.

Jonas is also certified in strength training, cardio training and rehabilitation training.

Johanna Rolf

President | Certified EMS Trainer

Born in America, Johanna has a bachelor's degree in economics and communication and also has the very much needed American background.

After living in Germany for a few years, she decided to move back to bring a new workout technique to the US. She understands the needs exactly and knows what is important. Her passion for fitness and her enthusiasm for EMS training will advance the company.

EMS training is safe & effective

See the results of EMA training here.

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